Biotechnologiczna firma ( z Grecji) poszukuje partnerów (przedstawicieli) na rynku polskim.

The Greek Biotechnology company Prognosis-Biotech is specialized in developing modern in-vitro testing technologies. These are used in the food & beverage, agriculture and clinical diagnostics markets. Their product portfolio includes ELISA diagnostics and COVID-19 rapid tests, with continuous innovative technology design in order to deliver quality results, faster throughput and maximize return on investment according to testing needs. Company is looking for opportunities to expand their market portfolio in your country. Company is looking for distributor partners, potential customers or collaborations in order to expand supply-chain and sales channels to sectors like:
dairy sector
chemical product and preparation manufacturing industry
pharmaceutical companies
food quality industry
biotechnology and biochemistry industry & research
protein engineering
gene research
biotech institutions
medical diagnostic centers
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